"Photography is truth.

The Cinema is truth twenty-four times per second"
Jean-Luc Godard


Awake your senses and watch the stories I told about life.


Sergio Duarte


Nis / Serbia, was the venue that received the wedding party OF Ninoslav and Jelena.

Two wonderful people who decided to crown their union in an epic day of traditions and emotions.

Here is the trailer that tells us a little of what happened there and that our cameras witnessed.


Câmera: Sérgio Duarte / Ana Rute

Direction of Photography: Ana Rute



Sérgio Duarte

The usual 90 seconds with some of the best times of the year ... 2014!

Direction of Photography: Ana Rute

 by Sergio Duarte

Ana and Augusto let us be witnesses of his love and its transparent smiles.

Here I share with the world the small clip (Same-Day_Edit) that depicts the reality of what we lived in this day ...

No Color Grading and without correction!

From the camera to the world ...

A Day Made of Light and Love!


Camera: Sergio Duarte / Goncalo Santos

Direction of Photography: Ana Rute

A reflection on Life, on our own existence and on the love for our fellowmen. 

A different vision between two idealists as one unique, sublime and final result. 

A film full of light, love and life.


Under signed by Sergio Duarte and Santi Veiga