“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

Zig Ziglar



At the beginning of my career I was not realizing yet that I was starting a career.

I was not giving the importance to this precious fact and deepening my knowledge was not a priority at that time.

I was stagnant, thinking it was possible to evolve, inventing and remediating the doubts by myself.

It was then that I decided to seek help and knowledge by participating in numerous formations with great teachers and filmmakers.

A huge passion for my profession blew in me and an insatiable desire to learn more and more.

Over time I developed my own language. Since I love to communicate and was requested by many followers,  I started in 2013 my saga of workshops and seminars around the world.

In this journey of mine I have helped many colleagues and inspired them to believe in themselves while being in the fields.

With my experience in work and in life I have helped many professionals in their forming process and i loved watching them free and confident to create.

Do not be stagnant and stopped in time. Join a huge community of sharing and learning and open up your mind with me.


Write me from the "Contacts" tab.

I wait for you to grow together.


Big hugs 

Sergio Duarte






























November in Antalya/Turkey







































May in Antalya/Turkey






































Sérgio Duarte, one of the most awarded FilmMakers in Portugal, will also follow the unique direction of the V Communication Science Days and you have the possibility to participate in the Cinema Workshop.

Born in Coimbra, he worked in dentistry for 12 years, but his passion for cinematography spoke louder and, now, Sérgio only has eyes for the “big screen”. With an enviable track record, he has participated in Nike and Coca-Cola productions and in 2015 he was in the Top 20 of the best Wedding FilmMakers in the world!

In addition to Filmmaking, Sérgio also works in the area of Storytelling and will be at Aula Magna to tell you a little of what he knows.





























Turkey brothers (Abisis)

In a few days I am gonna come back again to your country for another magical meeting.

Don’t stay out. I count on you to share joy all together.

Let’s Rock...


Sergio Duarte Macedonia 2017





















Best event in Macedonian history of Wedding photography and cinematography

From 11th-14th of April 




Sergio Duarte Turkey Istanbul



























February I will be in the beautiful Istambul to shoot an amazing Life Story and also to share my knowledge with other amazing filmmakers in a Super 2 day Workshop📽

Join us, it will be an amazing journey!


Sergio Duarte Intensive Workshop Brazil















BRAZIL - 22 to 24 AUGUST


It is an incredible experience of living, learning, challenges and friendship.



Sergio Duarte Serbia Workshop 2016
















From 11 to 15 April, in STARA PLANINA - SERBIA, it will take place the SUMMIT ON THE ROOF.

Once more, my Friend and Photographer Ninoslav Stojanovic is organizing a super event with 5 masters that will bring fresh new ideas and big amounts of knowledgement to share with students.

Come to join us during 5 days of pure learning and amusement.


Sergio Duarte Athens Greece


















Athens - Greece, will be the stage for another edition of WPV CONVENTION.

From 15 to 17 April, 8 speakers will make a dream team to teach and help students.

One more journey where i will have the honor to participate!


Sergio Duarte Make Movie Prime


Was amazing to be in Brazil for the second time and for being received from so amazing, warm  and funny people.

Once more Editora Photos trusted in me and, with great honor, i accepted the invitation to make a team with my friend Santi Veiga and share our worlds with great professionals.

Were wonderful days of teaching and learning in the company of incredible human beings.


Brazil filmmakers, soon I will be back... 

Sergio Duarte Wedding Brazil

In April of 2015 one of my dreams came true!

I received the invitation to speak in the Biggest Event for photographers and videographers in Latin America, Wedding Brazil.

600 hundred people assisting me and to other great speakers in the first edition of Make Movie is something that i will never forget.

During this journey i held also a great 2 days workshop in team with my good friend Gui Dalzoto.

Wonderful super-event organized by Editora Photos, stamp of quality. 

Sergio Duarte Bulgaria


In Bulgaria I also had the great opportunity to be a speaker, sharing all my knowledgement with the bulgarian colleagues.


Sergio Duarte Serbia Workshop 2015


In March of 2015 I traveled to Serbia , a beautiful country with amazing people that received me as a King in their home.

A beautiful event organized my my Big Brother Ninoslav Stojanovic. Among with other great masters and a super-team of Makeup Artists, models and hair dressers, we made magic and was an unforgettable journey.  


In my City, Coimbra, I had the pleasure to meet with my friend Santi Veiga and held a different workshop, showing to the students two completely opposite points of view. The same camera, different visions!



Still in 2014, I received and accepted the invitation to teach in the Thematic Platôs of EXPOFOTO PORTUGAL 2014 by APPImagem.

Sergio Duarte Workshop Italy Forum Onboard


Forum Onboard was a journey between Rome and Barcelona.

A different experience, teaching and shooting onboard of a great ship and in the streets of Barcelona.



Porto / Portugal,  was the city that I choose to held the third edition (Take3) of my Workshop "35 mm of Passion".


The Take 2 of "35mm Passion" Workshop was in the beatiful Madeira Island / Portugal.

Two days of work and fun among amazing people.


This was my very first experience ever, organizing and teaching  in my own workshop.

My hometown, Coimbra, was the witness of my first step into this wonderful world of teach and share.


I was in the middle of hard working, believing and already with some international awards conquered.

The phone ring and the invitation come to be on stage during EXPOFOTO 2013, by APPimagem.

This was my first time as a speaker. I was very nervous but the laughters and tears of the warm crowd made me feel at home and, together,  we lived 60 minutes of strong emotions and wonderful stories about my life and career.