Imagine with all your mind!

Believe with all your heart!

Achieve with all your power!


Being on the field, for me, has the meaning of freedom to create.

Movement is my passion, so I use my camera to show and celebrate life with people whose stories I am telling.

Those pictures will give you the closer look of the atmosphere behind each project I dive in. 

It is an incredible feeling to be inspired and to inspire others too!


Sergio Duarte




Sergio Duarte in Serbia
Shooting in Mokra Gora


Sergio Duarte Shooting and Teaching in Serbia.

Sergio Duarte at the Set
Küstendorf / Serbia


At the set in Küstendorf / Serbia

Sergio Duarte Airport
Barcelona Airport

Arriving at Barcelona

Sergio Duarte Shooting Model
Mokra Gora Shooting 2015


Shooting a model during workshop

Sergio Duarte Glidecam
Glidecam Shooting / Luxembourg

 Shooting in Luxembourg

Sergio Duarte Backstage
Coimbra Workshop 2015

Behind the Camera

Sergio Duarte With Emir Kusturica
Küstendorf - Mećavnik / Serbia


With Emir Kusturica

Sergio Duarte Shooting Wedding
Backlight Shoot


Shooting in Backlight

Sergio Duarte Changing Lens
Serbia 2015


Good Mood at The Set 

Sergio Duarte Shooting Details
Mokra Gora 2015


Shooting Details

Sergio Duarte Directing
Side Light Shot


Directing The Groom

Sergio Duarte Slider
Sergio Duarte in 2014


Lets Make Some Camera Movements